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Prac- tically every range town contributed more than its quota of names. Robert Miller Seeks Appoint- ment as Chaplain in Navy. Robert Miller, assistant pastor of the First Methodist church, who recently made application for appoint- ment as chaplain in the United States navy, conferred with Secretary of the Navy Daniels In Washington yesterday Rev. He was graduated from the Boston theological school in 1915. their commanding officer, that ten pairs of blankets and om. Later the matter was reported to the civilauthorities.

Senator Jones was optimistic about the result of the election. cap- tain in the medical reserve corps, has been ordered by Adjt. Mc Cain to report to Fort Riley, Kan., for a three months' course of instruction in sur- gery. Clark will leave tonight and will report for duty Aug. BANK CLEARINGS SET NEW RECORD Total of 5,161,095 Re- ported for Last Seven Montlis. PROBE THEFT OF ARMY EQUIPMENT • Guard Officers Warn Public Against Buying Such Property. Blankets, overt oats, sv/eaters and cots of army issue are quartermas- ter's property and do not belong to the men to whom they are issued.

These symptoms Indicate a condition that may lead to that dreaded and fatal malady, Brlght's disease, for which there is saitt to be no cure. Gasoline, as a fuel, comes under the authority of the fuel controller.

You can almost certainly find imme- diate relief in GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules. Joy-riding In order to con«erve the gasoline supply for the needs of the armies in England and France and of necessary industries In Canada, par- ticularly Western agriculture, which is beginning to absorb vast quantities of gasoline for power purposes. His operations are not confined, as is the general Impression, to dealing with supplies of coal, wood, etc., for the comlnjr winter.

Below is just a few items of what we have in store for you. an^ don't be disappointed and find what you want gone — is you cannot duplicate any one article advertised here unless you pay*tft least double. A large plant in- dicates healthy growth, and Jf you have not planted too thickly and have not neglected cultivation, plenty of pota- toes will form underground in due time. All the big plant needs is room and proper cultivation. but nrrringements were not dffinitely comploi^od until I the visit of Carl Vrooman. "Further, we believe that In view of the supreme importance of applied scl- ente in the present war, students pur- suing technical courses, such as medi- cine, agriculture and engineering, are rendering, or are to render, through the continuance of their training serv- ices more valuable and efficient than if they were to enroll in military or naval service at once." Followtng this and a st Atement by President Wilson to the effect that he •ees no necessity for suspending the sessions of the colleges and universi- ties, and tbir^ia that such a suspension would b«.ve*y much against public In- terest, the notdce goes on to say: "Colle Mp and universities are or- ganized ftriiftftrlly to train men anl women for Leadership In the various activities bf life and In the affairs of the nation, b is a well-Jinown fact college men »ver-where in large num- bers have been among the first to of- fer thenaselves for service In armv, navy and reserve officers' training corps. Street, Motor and Semi-Dress Coats and Capes in a variety of colors and styles. Warning: The use of the word Victrola upon or in the promo Hoo or aale of any other Talkinc Machine or Pbonoirapb products la mialeadlac and illegal. Present Emperor Tried to Save His Agates, But Lost. William I was then kaiser, and the present oc- cupant of the throne, who Is the for- rier's grandson, was a small son about '•#ri CITHER'S FRIEND FOR Expecta Dt Mothers A PE^iirr RATING UNIMENT Drager's age. He made a grab for the marbles, but young William was quicker, and before Dnrager could prevent it the heir of the German throne had scooped up all the ex- pensive marbles he had lost and was preparing to run with them. In the excitement of the moment youns: Drager forgot all about th*' royal blood in the veins of his play- mate — forgot that some day the little lad opposite him might be ruler of the fatherland. husky man now — and a loyal citizen of the i United States. "Vhat vould I not gif to get mine hands on dot kaiser now! — Drastic action i may be taken to prevent automobile j GET NEW KIDNEYS!!