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And hey did you hear Rod Rosenstein and Kellyanne Conway both ate at Johnny’s in Margate — do you think she recommended it to him? He’s the Perle Mesta of the boardwalk.” Chuck says his happy-hour tradition started with another gesture of singular Shore generosity: use of his driveway. Chuck rides his bike to and from Dorset; Debbie walks.

If you type in a town name or the first part of a postcode the results will be ordered by distance from the centre of that town.

She lives at the Jersey Shore but also writes about Philly. Really, what can you say about Chuck that he isn’t already saying about himself before you or anybody else has a chance to chime in? “I would think that 99 percent of the world is not as friendly as me,” Chuck says. The details, the backstory, it doesn’t matter, it washes away with another tide. At 78, retired from a life in Philadelphia and its suburbs, working in health supplies, Chuck suddenly became a ruler in exile, trading an unobstructed beach view, a huge bar, and a porch that was basically part of the boardwalk to a humble first-floor apartment at 5000 Boardwalk, a full nine blocks away, with a street view, a totally different beach. It remains an issue, though his most loyal followers continue to make the trip on Friday nights to Chuck and Debbie’s new place.

Even the lifeguards at Dorset wanted him back, offering to pick him up in their beach vehicle every day and drop him back off. But there was no question: Chuck would return to Dorset Avenue beach, set up his chairs to the left of the lifeguard stand, never to the right, make his rounds, entertain those who stop by, welcome regulars who set up chairs alongside his. And if I don’t see them for a week I forget their names anyway.

I’ve spent my whole life coming to the Shore in the summers and all. The people are way nicer than the people in Margate or even Atlantic City.” And so Chuck remains a fixture on Dorset Avenue beach, the master of the bare-chested hover-over, people in bathing suits staring up at him from their chairs, he staring back through those yellow-tinted glasses, a virtuoso of the art of the chit chat, outpost by outpost.

Let’s face it, excessive schmoozing is always a risk on the beach, both its charm and annoyance. Try to take a walk on a holiday weekend and you’ll get stopped six times to chat before you’ve gone three beaches over. Even if you’re not Chuck, even if you’re a more reluctant schmoozer.