Updating picasa

03-Mar-2018 18:28

I'm very frustrated to report that Google's Picasa version 3 has been nothing but trouble.

I am now on Picasa 3.1, this being at least the third version of 3.x.

Needless to say after recommending Picasa back in March of 2007, I can no longer recommend it.

Further, if you have it, but have not upgrade to version 3 -- don't.

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Recently Picasa on Windows 7 has started not detecting photos that are imported from our camera (a Canon S3IS).

When I look in Picasa's folder monitoring options, the folders are there - marked "Scan Once". If you have the folder set to be scanned once, then that is what will happen.

Lessons to do is pay a visit to one and subscribe for their services.

After the next update, I noticed that Picasa was slower, often hanging for a while.

This also included causing screen refresh problems with my other applications that were running at the same time.

If I set them to "Scan Always", then they're scanned and the photos appear. Picasa will scan it once, save the images in it and never scan it again.

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