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Linux fans will like the .99 soft speakers, #8216 exclusively fromThese 5” stuffed animals are powered by the computer's USB port or 2AA batteries, not included. storeid=8&categoryid=1009&productid=4099&itemid=16998is .50, and there’s a Webmaster coffee mug for .50 and matching mouse pad for .95 at Here are some cute items from the Computer Gear Food Court (It allows you to empty your photo cards to take more pictures, and view those photos on the built-in color LCD screen or plug into any TV for group viewing. New flash drives include the Jetflash 110 (with retractable USB connector) in 5 models ranging from 128 MB (.70) to 2 GB (1); the Jetflash 120, 6 models from 256 MB ( ) to 4 GB (1); and the Jetflash 2A, offering 8 USB 2.0 driverless models from 64 MB (.30) to 8 GB (2).A 40 GB Store Jet 1.8 inch Portable Hard Drive is also available for 1.Their small Photo Bank has a 1.8” hard disk that connects to either PC or Mac with a high speed USB 2.0 interface, transferring data up to 480 Mbits/second.

These byte-sized lemon butter cookies were made in the US from natural flavors and real butter in the shapes of computers, computer mice, CDs. Computer Cookies are .50 at per tin of 24 cookies at Cybercalifragilistic They’re approximately 7” x 8 ½”and made in the USA.There are also various dog breed computer sitters, .99 for 2, and cow or frog sitters, .99 for 2, all available from the Desktop Toys section at Another Computer Gear exclusive (#6466) is a .99 golf mouse pad with pin flag and a PC computer mouse in the shape of an oversized driver clubhead. source_code=ZC0051&item_no=53025provides hands-free use when talking, caller ID, 90-call memory, 100 phone number memory, calendar, daily alarm, calculator, hold music, headphone jack, and more.Looking on-line for computer-related gifts again this year?

There are more than ever to choose from, whether you want something sensible or silly, educational or just plain fun. This 2.4-ounce viewer can store over 150 pictures and is compatible with either Macintosh OS X 10.2.3, 10.3 or higher, or PC with Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000 (SP1), or XP.For ages 8 and up, it reads and analyzes commands written on special Fly paper using the integrated ink pen and camera.